This beautiful home was built in the 90s and the installed A/V technology made it easy date – VCRs, casette tape decks, you name it. When the home was recently purchased, the new owners contacted us about visiting and performing some system updates and below you will see a little bit of what we accomplished.

Much of the components for the house audio system was located in the Living Room. The amplifier that powered the speakers throughout the house was on its last breath, providing only the smallest amount of sound and only during the times it decided it wanted to turn on. As the VCR, cassette tape deck, etc. were no longer needed, we removed those items and the ‘gob’ of wires that were littered throughout the cabinet. The unfortunate part is that while this system had been partially updated throughout the years, instead of removing unnecessary cables and interconnects, they previous A/V company just added new cables and made a mess!

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After the previous system had been deconstructed, we installed a new amplifier for the house audio system and installed an Apple TV for the new homeowners to use for their music source (read about the benefits of an Apple TV in another one of our posts!). This amplifier will also provide them with FM radio reception throughout the house as well as power for a future sound system in the Living Room.

With our main task at hand in the Living Room finished, we took to installing a few televisions throughout the house. We attached DirecTV satellite receivers to the back of the television and provided radio frequency remotes so that while the receivers were out of sight, they could still be used. Nice and clean!

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If you find yourself in a similar situation and you have more questions than answers about your A/V system, we provide free in-home consultations if you are looking for more information. Please visit our ‘Contact Us‘ page to reach us any time of the day, any day of the week.