Founded in 2014, Takedown is a locally-owned state-of-the-art gym and wrestling training facility located in Brainerd, Minnesota. At Takedown, we cater to wrestlers, aspiring athletes, and anyone who wants to do fitness differently.

Disciplines Applied:

When the owners approached us to provide the audio & video elements within the facility, several key elements were requested:

  • Adrenaline pumping music during workout sessions in the Gym, along with a projection system for displaying educational elements or tournament brackets
  • Audio system and televisions in the Lobby and Gathering Areas
  • Surveillance system for the interior and exterior of the facility
  • Ensure all elements of the system are simple and intuitive to operate
  • High-quality private and public wireless access throughout building

To provide the ‘adrenaline pumping music’ in the Gym space, we deployed 16 ceiling-mounted pendant speakers and two 18″ 1400 watt subwoofers. Trainers use headworn microphones while teaching classes and can choose from a number of different audio sources, such as FM radio, CDs, or internet music streaming, such as Pandora Radio or Spotify. When needed, there is a 189″ projection screen to aid in training or for showing a movie when they hold a weekend class.

The Lobby and Gathering areas are comfortable spaces that are used for waiting for classes to end or cooling down after a stringent workout. These areas have televisions for watching sporting events or listening to music.

To ensure the safety of their customers, an extensive video surveillance system was installed, comprised of a number indoor and outdoor cameras. These cameras record the exterior of the building and all of the public spaces within. This system provides several months of recording time and can be accessed from within the building or from anywhere in the world.

A wired and wireless network was installed to provide the staff with dedicated private network access, but also for guests and customers to have good wireless internet access for streaming music during a workout or for passing time in the waiting spaces.

Last but not least, extra care was given to ensuring the system was easy to use. There are three touch screen keypads – Lobby, Gathering Room, and Gym, which are password protected to only allow employee access and provide 1-touch operation of the functions available in that area. In the Gym there is an iPad that provides detailed control of the Gym audio/video system, as well as full control of the entire facility.